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Birds - Sensory Stones

Dhs. 190

This remarkable assortment of eight lifelike birds is tailor-made for outdoor escapades of all kinds! With their tactile, lifelike features, these birds are sure to ignite curiosity and spark engaging conversations while providing an abundance of sensory stimulation. Thanks to their sturdy bases, these birds stand effortlessly, enhancing their versatility for imaginative play as children's vocabulary and storytelling skills soar to new heights. Crafted to withstand various environments, including water, soil, mud, and play clay, these exquisite birds are a breeze to clean after each adventure.

Children will delight in using a magnifier to scrutinize the intricate details of these birds, comparing them to one another and to the avian species they encounter locally, thereby honing their comparing and sorting skills. The tactile markings offer both visual and tactile appeal, prompting children to gather natural materials to fashion nests for their feathered friends.

This set includes eight bird stones, each adorned with stunning details, featuring the Blackbird, Blue tit, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Pigeon, Robin, Sparrow, and Starling, providing a comprehensive avian experience for young explorers.

Made from a durable stone and resin mix. Approximate height 70–90mm.

suitable for ages 2+


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