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Dino Bones - Exploration Stones

Dhs. 60

Ideal for budding paleontologists, these captivating dinosaur bones offer an immersive tactile experience guaranteed to spark inspiration and excitement. Whether buried in sand or soil, submerged in a water tray, or left outside to be stumbled upon, these bones beckon to be unearthed. Upon discovery, they effortlessly captivate children's innate curiosity, prompting them to investigate, sort, order, and compare—a playful process that serves as a perfect segue to introduce and reinforce early mathematical concepts in a captivating and relevant manner.

Crafted to withstand the rigors of early years settings, including outdoor exploration, and designed with toddler safety in mind, this set features four dinosaur bones of varying lengths, ranging from 6 to 12cm. Perfect for heuristic play and an excellent addition to treasure baskets, the Dinosaur Bones Discovery Set seamlessly complements our Dinosaur Bones Match and Measure range, offering enriching play experiences for children aged 2 and above


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