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Dinosaurs - Stone Rollers

Dhs. 120

Introduce your little ones to the world of dinosaurs with our set of six tactile rollers, designed to ignite children's imagination as they embark on a prehistoric adventure! Simply roll these engaging tools into play dough or clay, and watch as they unveil fascinating scenes from the world of dinosaurs.

These versatile rollers offer a plethora of fun and educational activities. Count the spines on the stegosaurus, stamp to reveal which dino emerges from the egg, or craft imaginative tales about the dinosaurs you encounter.

More than just playtime fun, these rollers serve as a gateway to discussions about the natural world, encouraging exploration of new facts and vocabulary. As children push and press the rollers, they also hone essential fine motor skills while expressing their creativity.

This set includes 6 rollers featuring a variety of captivating scenes: from the majestic Roaring head & Tyrannosaurus rex to the serene coelacanth fish & Spinosaurus, each roller promises an exciting journey into the past. From volcanic landscapes to prehistoric scenes, the possibilities are endless.

Made from durable stone mix for easy cleaning, each roller measures 72 x 34mm and is suitable for ages 2+


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