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Nature Stones - Roll Around

Dhs. 120

These innovative rollers offer a fascinating glimpse into the intricate patterns and textures present in nature while simultaneously enhancing fine motor skills. Children delight in sensory exploration as they maneuver the rollers in various directions, creating continuous tactile patterns. Experimenting with different rolling techniques—whether it be circular motions, up and down movements, or free-flowing gestures—and adjusting pressure levels adds an extra layer of sensory richness to their tactile journey, all while refining their coordination.

With their unique design, these rollers contribute to the strengthening of children's hand muscles, laying the groundwork for future mark-making and handwriting skills.

Perfect for nurturing children's observation skills and fostering an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, this collection serves as a springboard for meaningful discussions about environmental stewardship. Featuring leaves, shells, ferns, pebbles, bark, and dragonflies, this set provides an invaluable opportunity for children to engage in thoughtful conversations about the importance of caring for our planet.

Made from durable stone mix for easy cleaning, each stone ball measures 4.5 cm in diameter. suitable for ages 2+


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