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Calm Stones - Roll Around

Dhs. 120

These captivating rollers not only enhance fine motor skills but also promote feelings of calm and well-being. As children move the rollers in various directions, they uncover mesmerizing sensory patterns that beckon to be touched. Engrossed in the serene motion of crafting continuous designs, they'll relish the opportunity to choose their rolling direction—be it circular, up and down, or free-flowing.

With their distinctive design, these rollers contribute to the strengthening of children's hand muscles, laying the groundwork for future mark-making and handwriting abilities.

Perfect for moments of tranquility, whether seeking solace, reassurance, or simply focusing attention, this collection showcases nature-inspired elements renowned for their calming properties. It offers a delightful opportunity for children to partake in meaningful discussions, pondering the reasons behind the soothing effect of each design and nurturing a sense of well-being. Featuring fish shoals, waves, clouds, feathers, stars, and hearts, this set invites exploration and fosters a serene atmosphere for shared moments of relaxation.

 from durable stone mix for easy cleaning, each stone ball measures 4.5 cm in diameter. suitable for ages 2+


Keep your playdough fresh for 3+ months by storing it in air-tight jars in a cool, dark place


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