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Transportation - Stone Rollers

Dhs. 120

Ispark imaginative adventures through various modes of transportation! Simply roll these engaging tools into play dough or clay, and watch as they unveil intricate patterns and tire treads.

These versatile rollers offer a multitude of entertaining and educational activities. Children can count the footsteps of the pedestrian, weave imaginative tales featuring magical journeys, and expand their language skills by considering where the tracks may lead.

More than just playtime fun, these rollers serve as a catalyst for discussions about the world around us, encouraging exploration of new facts and vocabulary. As children push and press on the rollers, they also refine essential fine motor skills while unleashing their creativity.

This set includes 6 rollers featuring a diverse range of transportation modes: from the classic train & railway track to the sleek car and bicycle, each roller offers a unique exploration of movement. Whether it's soaring through the sky with a plane & contrails or trundling along with a tractor & tracks, every roller invites children on an exciting journey of discovery.

Ideal for children aged 2 and above, these Transport Rollers provide an engaging and enriching play experience that fosters curiosity and learning.

Made from durable stone mix for easy cleaning, each roller measures 72 x 34mm and is suitable for ages 2+


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